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In Suture Press, we do not make profit on our books. We think that it is more important to publish great knowledge in a beautiful cover, so that the book becomes the architecture that houses knowledge.

By supporting Suture, you are helping us making our activities perennial. As a part of the package, you will receive our gratitude and all four books: Hippocampus, Alain Badiou: Sometimes, We Are Eternal, Revolutions for the Future: May '68 and the Prague Spring, and Archives of the Sun - monography of paintings of Cheikh Ndiaye including contributions by Alain Badiou, Manthia Diawara, Vincent Jacques and other scholars and art historians.

Suture Press is a French based non-profit organization (association de loi 1901).

If you would like to use the following charitable contribution for any tax deduction, please contact monika@suturepress.com - we will be happy to issue any documents you might need.